First Weekend in the City

Hello all! I decided to start a blog partly to chronicle my time here in New York City, where I'll be living for the next six months, and partly to keep myself from getting too bored in this new no classes/homework/roommates world. And basically I just have an uncontrollable need to document everything in my life with photographs, and this seems like a less obnoxious of doing so than bombarding everyone's facebooks and instagrams with photos they may or may not actually want to see! 

I spent my first weekend here wandering around and exploring different parts of the city. I went to the New York Public Library first, where they had an exhibit on the importance of children's literature. And maybe I'm a total nerd, but I really loved it. The building itself is absolutely beautiful. After that I walked through central park for the second time this week and the first time by myself. I saw a few performances along the Central Park Mall, including an AMAZING magic show. I'm a total sucker for magic tricks but this one was so cool!! It included a girl signing a card and then the card appearing folded up inside of a banana. Mind blown. It was almost as impressive as the trick in Now You See Me with the card in the tree, and I know it was totally fake but it still looked really cool. I also wandered around in the pseudo-wilderness for awhile, got to pet a French Bulldog (I'm having major dog withdrawals), and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I'm really excited to take photos there in the fall and winter.  

On Sunday I went to the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn (successfully taking the subway by myself for the second time yay!) with some people I've met at work. It was a really beautiful day and a gorgeous place. We visited the studio of Laetitia Soulier, an incredibly talented artist. If anyone is actually reading this, you should take the time to watch at least 30 seconds of the video on her website, its so inspiring to see the amount of work that goes into her images!


The New York Public Library

30 Rockefeller Plaza

Central Park


Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn