Its finally started to feel like fall here! I'm seriously considering splurging and buying a tiny pumpkin for my room. I'm also trying to decide when is the earliest that its socially acceptable to hang a Christmas wreath on my door. 

On Saturday I wandered around through new neighborhoods exploring and running errands, and then I visited Central Park again. The leaves were falling and beginning to change colors, and there were dogs everywhere, which is half the reason I go to Central Park in the first place. Life would be perfect if I could just adopt a dog or a cat. I swear I pass about five French Bulldogs every time I walk outside, and I want all of them.

{Seriously, how adorable is this face? Also, I passed this same dog carrying a newspaper both times that I visited NYC last year, once in November and once in May. Weird. }


 I'm turning 21 in less than a week and I am not at all ashamed to admit that I'm still entranced by bubbles. 

 And these were GIANT bubbles. 


Sunday I walked along the High Line and the Hudson River with a friend who goes to NYU. We ate lunch at a place called the Meatball Shop, which has surprisingly delicious vegetarian meatballs. It was grey and misty, which is pretty much my favorite kind of weather, plus I got free coffee.  Win-win. 

 We got to witness the end of a small wedding!

 One thing that I've come to love about this city in my short time here is how easy it is find somewhere where it doesn't feel like you're still in the city. When wandering deep inside Central Park or walking along a river, its easy to forget you're still in New York.